Are you a student at Eastside Secondary, Nicholson, Centennial, Trenton High, Bayside Secondary, or Centre Hastings? Need someone to talk to? Youthab counsellors are available at school, during school hours to listen and help.  It’s a chance for you to have some time to figure out what’s happening, make a plan, take a look at how you are reacting to situations, and develop new strategies.  

Our counsellors are professionals who are trained to help someone like yourself develop skills, while gaining knowledge and resources to get things back on track. Bullying? Anxiety? Depression? Family Conflict? They can help. Counselling is confidential (and takes place in a designated private area in your school), and best of all….it’s free. So call 613-969-0830, see your guidance department, or talk to a teacher to get an appointment today – we are here to listen.