16 to 24? Need someone to talk to in Belleville, Trenton or Madoc? Call us at 613-969-0830 and we can link you up with a counsellor. A counsellor can help you make sense of things when things don’t seem to make sense. It’s a chance for you to have some time (appointments are usually an hour on average) to figure out what’s happening, make a plan, take a look at how you are reacting to situations, and develop new strategies.

Our counsellors are professionals who are trained to help someone like yourself develop skills, while gaining knowledge and resources to get things back on track. Mental Illness? They can help. Having trouble with your relationship? They can help. Worried about drugs or alcohol? They can help. Have questions you just can’t ask anyone else? They can help. Counselling is confidential, and best of all….its free. So call today – we are here to listen. 

Belleville: 613-969-0830
Trenton: 613-969-0830 x352
Madoc: 613-969-0830 x352

Are you a Community Professional looking for more information about our counselling services? The list below covers services that our counsellors offer:

  • Information and consultation
  • Individual assessment and case planning
  • Eating disorder specific counselling (see About Eating page for more information)
  • Group counselling 
  • Facilitation of referrals to other community resources and additional Youthab programs (housing, employment etc).