Are you 16 years of age or older? Do you need help finding somewhere to live? The Hastings Housing Resource Centre is available to help you find and maintain temporary or permanent housing. We can help and our services are FREE!

  • Housing: Up-to-date listings of available housing at the office or by phone 
  • Tenant Support: Ongoing support to assist tenants to keep their housing
  • Landlords Referrals: Referrals to landlords and other community resources 
  • Intensive Case: Have an Intensive Case Manager

Book your appointment to meet with a Housing Counsellor!

210A Front Street Belleville, Ontario

Phone:  613-969-1748

Homeless Emergency Services Program

In need of after hours help? Contact the After Hours Homeless Emergency Services Program:

  • Phone: 1-877-528-9514
  • Hours: 4:30 pm - 8:30 am. 

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Hastings and Prince Edward Branch, have a team of volunteers to accept calls and meet homeless individuals or families after 4:30 pm. They provide a complete assessment of your needs.  This service covers all areas of Hastings County.

Shout Out to Everyone who was Kind Enough to Share their Experience!

Our housing department, Hastings Housing Resource Centre, works hard to provide exceptional service to our clients!  It is so nice to hear back from them we thought we would share some of their supportive comments!

Thank you to the clients who said:

"Excellent professional service."

"You get a lot of help here and everyone is so friendly."

"Excellent service very helpful with everything.  Thank you!"

"Very helpful staff, offered extra services I did not know were available."

"She was great and helped me out a lot! I really appreciated how enthusiastic she was to help me!"

"I appreciate workers honesty and realism."

"Very thorough, comprehensive, and OUTSTANDING SERVICE!"

We all need a door to open!

Everyone is welcome and everyone needs some advice from time to time.  Thank you for sharing how we touched your lives:

"Very pleasant young lady didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about my situation.  Very nice feeling."

"She did an amazing job with every step of the way. I didn't expect a place so soon. I can't cal her a helper, I call her a friend for everything she has done for me."

"Made me feel comfortable, non judgemental and very helpful."

"Thanks for the help.  Means a lot to me!"

"I got all the help I needed.  I could not ask for anything else. It was all taken care of.

"They have been very good to me."

"The “lady” who assisted me is very good at working with people (give her a raise)!""

"Workers are personable and friendly. I’m thankful for this."

"The woman I spoke to was absolutely lovely.  Handed me all the tools to get started in finding our new home. Very imformative and bubbly.  I would for sure recommend her to everyone as she makes you feel at ease."

We all need someone to care!


"Thanks for helping our family!  "Gave me some hope."