Are you 16 years of age or older and facing or experiencing homelessness? Next Step Housing Connection is a free service that is able to help you with your housing search. An Intensive Case Manager provides intensive housing supports that focuses on housing stability and is individualized to each client. Services offered include:

  • Assessing the immediate housing needs of clients facing or experiencing homelessness
  • Developing individualized case plans
  • Assisting with the housing search process (contacting landlords, transporting the client to viewings,completing housing applications)
  • Providing ongoing housing counselling and education and intensive stabilizing support
  • Liaising, advocating and making referrals to other relevant community resources on behalf of the client
  • Providing mediation services between landlords and tenants
  • Providing follow-up services

To be eligible for the ICM program, you must be a voluntary participant and meet 3 or more of the criteria below:

  • Homeless, chronically homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless within 2 weeks
  • Actively searching for housing but has been unsuccessful
  • Mental health or substance use concerns
  • Victim of domestic violence Living with a disability or communication barrier
  • Lack of community support and/or knowledge of resources
  • Have limited social supports (friends,family, etc.) in the community

The Intensive Case Management program is run in Belleville, Quinte West, Prince Edward County, and there is a specific ICM for youth aged 16-24 living in the Hastings County area. For more information on the Intensive Case Management programs offered through the Hastings Housing Resource Centre, visit the website at or call us at 613-969-1748.

After-Hours Housing Emergency?

Are you in need of after-hours housing? Contact the After-Hours Housing Emergency program:

Phone: 1-877-528-9514

Hours: 4:30pm to 8:30am Monday – Friday including weekends and holidays

This service covers all areas in Hastings County.


We all need someone to care!


"Thanks for helping our family!  "Gave me some hope."