16 to 24? Always preoccupied with food or the way you look? Eating in secret or feeling guilty when you eat? Worried about the amount you exercise? Exercising or eating less to punish yourself for how much you weigh? Worried that your relationship with food is a problem? Interested in meeting with someone to discuss your concerns? Call us at 613-969-0830 and we can link you up with a counsellor who specializes in counselling specific to eating difficulties and body image. It’s a chance for you to have some time (appointments are usually an hour on average) to figure out what’s happening and why, make a plan, get a ton of information related to eating, assess if you are ready to change, and develop new strategies.  

Our counsellor is a professional who has received training specific to disordered eating and can help you develop skills, while gaining knowledge and resources to get things back on track. And if further services are needed the counsellor can assist with referrals to other disordered specific services. Counselling is confidential, and best of all….its free. So call 613-969-0830 today – we are here to listen.


I Didn't Know I Had An Eating Disorder